Gaurav Chopraa is anxious about the on-going coronavirus pandemic.

“People are just not taking this huge threat to humanity seriously. I fear it will get much worse before we gain control. A time might come when everybody will know somebody who is a victim. I am not trying to spread fear but just trying to make you aware of what might occur if we don’t take corrective steps. Why do you think PM Modi referred to the Second World War in his first speech, which killed millions all over the world?,” says Gaurav in a chat with

“The danger is more severe for a country like India, where we don’t have resources like China, which pulled out all stops to try to contain the outbreak to one province. Also, if the above meltdown happens, there will be massive pressure on the limited health worker fraternity (They too are susceptible ). And the wealthy (equal victims ) will try to steal scarce hospital beds and treatment interventions (ventilators) from the poor. The aftereffects will be equally huge, have we not read history about the disastrous consequences of political, social and health upheavals leading to famine and wars?. So guys understand, going out is liking put yourself out in the path of a gun-toting terrorist, “adds Gaurav, who last played a doctor in Star Plus show Sanjivani.

So how is he spending his lockdown time?

“We can make quarantine time fun by spending time with family. I am learning to cook and read the book.”

In closing, Gaurav wants the govt and civil society to join hand to create a corpus to aid this fight.

We agree.