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Pankaj Tripathi VS Saif Ali Khan VS Nawazuddin Siddiqui: Rate Your Favourite Sacred Games Character?

Actor Pankaj Tripathi reprises his role of a godman in the second season of the popular Netflix series Sacred Games He has said that the role was his most challenging and toughest. Directed by Anurag Kashyap and Vikramaditya Motwane, Sacred Games features Nawazuddin Siddiqui and Saif Ali Khan in lead roles. The actor proclaimed, “I play a guru who has a massive following worldwide. That was the toughest part for me. I was scared, wondering how I could pull off the act. I have neither interacted with gurus nor have I seen them from close quarters. So, I didn’t have a point of reference,” the Newton star said. He even added jokingly, “At home, no one listens to me. They don’t follow my advice. So, you can well imagine my dilemma.”

In Sacred Games, Saif Ali Khan plays the role of Sartaj Singh, the police officer, the only cop, whom Gaitonde chooses to inform about the upcoming massacre that too happens in Bombay. The character of Sartaj Singh is shown to be very fragile and low self-esteem, often criticised by the department and his upper hand. But the call from Gaitonde changes his life forever, and his transformation from a fragile police officer to a brave and fearless one. He is the tragic hero, who seems to amalgamate all the puzzles together, but ends up losing his friends who help him in the quest. Saif’s character is too intense and touching for us, he kind of took us within him throughout the story.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui played the role of Ganesh Gaitonde, who tells us the whole story along with Sartaj Singh about his past and present, and what made him call Sartaj Singh. The session with Gaitonde was very grabbing and absorbing. With the amazing direction, his character kind of bounced up and down with thrill and suspense. His character gets so germinated with the story of Sartaj Singh and us, the viewers, so influencing and so deep.

So, for us three of them are so dear and perfect, we are unsure whom to leave and whom to choose! What do you think? Let us know in the comment section below.

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