Internet Sensation Mithila Palkar has been everyone’s favorite ever since she first went viral and for all the right reasons!

All the reasons why we’re crushing on digital star, Mithila Palkar

If you haven’t been living under a rock and are even slightly aware of the rising popularity of web series in India, you must have definitely heard of a popular digital face, Mithila Palkar. Ever since she went viral, Mithila has been a part of numerous advertisements followed by web series. With Girl in the City and Little Things, she established a name for herself. There’s been no looking back for this girl since then.
All the reasons why we're crushing on digital star, Mithila Palkar
She got her big Bollywood break last year where Mithila played the lead and starred alongside Irrfan Khan and Dulquer Salmaan in the movie Karwaan.

In case you don’t love her already, we bring you all the reasons why you should be crushing on Mithila Palkar;

She’s a delight to watch on screen

Every time Mithila appears on our screens, she immediately captures everyone’s attention. With her fine acting chops and brilliant screen presence, you are instantly charmed by her. Just watch any of her web series and you’ll know what we’re talking about.

She can sing too

Remember the cup song that made her viral in the first place? Well she can’t just play the cup song very well but can also sing beautifully too. She has studies music as a kid and absolutely loves it.

Her curls
All the reasons why we're crushing on digital star, Mithila Palkar 1
We bet the first thing you notice when you look at Mithila is her thick mane of curly locks. Aren’t they wonderful?
She can rock a sari as elegantly as an evening gown
A look at Mithila’s Instagram will tell you she loves to dress up. We absolutely love her style too. From her quirky, casual outfits to traditional saris to sexy gowns, Mithila can own every look in the fashion book.

An Animal Lover

As if we couldn’t love her enough! Anyone who loves cats and dogs is an automatic favorite for us!
Do we need any more reasons to love Mithila?!

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