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Sapan Verma, the member of East India Comedy is the upcoming Comedy King.

Sapan Verma : The Indian Stand Up Comedy King

Sapan Verma performs his stand-ups in the group name EIC (East India Comedy) who also have a youtube channel. Sapan’s Youtube comedy videos and his comic timing will surely have us all in splits.

Following are some of the best stand-ups by Sapan Verma from Youtube which will prove why he is the Indian Stand-up Comedy King.

1. Sapan Verma on Mumbai and Lonavla.

This video of his is from 3 years ago and is truly hilarious. In this video sapan shares his experience from when in moved in to Mumbai, he says he got a flat in Chruchgate and basically became a townie, he further tells us the habits of the townies with a little bit of wit in it and how he developed a townie attitude. Further in the video he says he had to move to Goregaon and share a funny comparison between Churchgate Lifestyle and Goregaon lifestyle the types of building names, gym names and a lot more. Regarding Lonavla he says that “You go to Lonavla after getting tired of being irritated of Mumbai people and get irritated by the same Mumbai people again in Lonavla”.

2. Sapan Verma on Indian Families.

Sapan says he has to elder brother to just like all middle class families his family also had a tradition of passing on used Tee-Shirts from elder to younger brother, but he was happy with it, until one day when he came to know from his relatives at age of 10 that his parents wanted a girl and he was a mistake, he says he was scared that his parents will kill him as they did not want him. Sapan also shares other moments in this stand-up which will have us in splits.

Along with these there are lot more other videos which are proof to Sapan’s ability of being a Indian Stand-up comedy King.

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