Sachin Tendulkar‘s beloved daughter Sara Tendulkar constantly buzzes in the headlines for some reason. She is pretty active on her social media account and often shares photos and videos to keep her fans engaged with her. As a starkid, we often think of her as different, but in reality, she is just like us. In her latest Instagram story, she dropped a picture recalling the old TV shows and their iconic impact.

Sara Tendulkar Recalls Childhood Memories

Kids born in the late 90s to early 20s have witnessed fantastic shows in that era. Childhood was extraordinary with those shows. Recalling her childhood memories, Sara Tendulkar took to her Instagram story and shared a poster featuring the iconic shows of that era.

Sara Tendulkar Recalls Childhood Memories Watching These TV Shows 819078

In the poster, there were names of TV shows Shaktiman, the iconic superhero. Shaka Laka Book Boom is a dream show for everyone. Son Pair, living in the fairy tale world. Shararat is undoubtedly the most favorite and hilarious. Khichdi, the madness, and entertainment. Tu Tu Main Main, the fun drama. Sara, in the story, also dropped a sad emoji.

Those were the fantastic days of childhood, and the TV shows at that time were made for entertainment. All the shoes mentioned undoubtedly every one of us has watched and couldn’t deny its impact.

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