Deepak Kalra shares one of the toughest scene shot for the web series.

We sat on the tree for 6 hours for a sequence of Banned: Deepak Kalra

The talented actor Deepak Kalra who has entertained the viewers with his exemplary acting skills will be seen playing a pivotal role in Viu’s upcoming comedy musical drama Banned. The series which starts streaming from 24th August promises to keep the viewers glued to their screen.

In a candid conversation with Deepak Kalra, he shared on one of the toughest scene shot for the web series, “There was a sequence where we all 4 main leads climbed a tree. So basically we had to shoot there in intervals, but we all planned on to complete the 6 hours shoot in one go. So we were sitting on the tree for straight 6 hours.”

“It was a tough sequence but we all four had decided not to give up on it. It was an amazing experience as well, in fact we all actors have got to learn a lot through Banned, as we explored a lot of things for the first time” concluded the actor.

To watch the phenomenal performance of Deepak Kalra stay tuned to Banned starting from 24th August only on Viu.

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