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Rohan Mehra the talented youngster talks about his career and his new work, the music video of Ramji Gulati.

Very few shows are being made for my youthful look: Rohan Mehra

For actor Rohan Mehra, who will next be seen in ALTBalaji web series, Class of 2020, doing music video is a pleasant change. No wonder he has done 13 of them (Mahima Makwana and Jannat Zubair).

He will next feature in Ramji Gulati produced song, which also has internet sensation twins Chinky and Minky (Samriddhi and Surabhi Mehra in the video).

“The storyboard is interesting featuring twins, so cases of mistaken identity.”

“Although Ramji has shot several other songs in Dubai as well, yet he manages to come up with exotic newer locations every time,”added Rohan.

“The best part of doing a video is that they are not a strain shooting max for day or two. You not only get to travel to beautiful places but also land good buzz.”

“The biggest challenge is to get the lip snyc right, especially when the songs are going full speed. You also need to work on your hand movements at the same time,” said Rohan.

Shifting gears to Class of 2020, Rohan, who has been around for ten years, said, “It was not easy getting the body language of an 18-years-old. But I guess my hard work paid off for the director and Producer Vikas Gupta said that I looked younger than most of the other teenage cast.”

Rohan is quite happy with his career so far, “I have achieved a lot doing the # 1 fiction show as the lead for two years, and also part of # top non-fiction properties (Ace of Space and Bigg Boss) and have done few films as well.”

“As I believe in keeping with the times, I have also moved to the web, which is the new in-thing. I might have a few more web series.”

Rohan is not very gung-ho about returning to TV,“For very few shows are being made for my youthful look. I don’t want to do heavy-duty drama shows, for the 30 + female leads will look much older than me.”

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