Sumeet Vyas talks about his new show on VOOT and the return of Permanent Roommates

Permanent Roommates will return when we have a good story to tell: Sumeet Vyas

Talented, smart and intelligent Sumeet Vyas, who hit Aonian heights of popularity for his impressive stint in web show Permanent Roommates (TVF), is currently in Guhawati filming his new reality web series on VOOT, titled Stupid Man, Smartphone (produced by BBC India).

In an exclusive chat with IndianWikiMedia, he says, “It is a funny take on how we have become so addicted to our mobiles. What will happen if we get stuck in a weird place with nothing, but our smart phones, how will we survive? I have been travelling for the past month for the project. It should start airing this month itself.”

Ask if Permanent Roommates will make a comeback and he says, “Yes, we will be back next year, we deliberately took  break after S2 for a lot of similar fun romantic content was anyways being streamed on the World Wide Web. We want to comeback, if we have a good story to tell and not just for the heck of it.”

Talking about season 2 of the popular series and he says, “We got lot of positive feedback, infact we got more views than our first outing.  I am very glad to have done this TVF web series for it got me a fair lot of recognition which is very important for any actor.”

Point taken…talking about the change in scale in season 2 of Permanent Roommates, Sumeet opines, “It was deliberately done for we did not want to repeat ourselves.  Had we continued with season 1 trend some fans would have been disappointed, asking what’s new this time around?”

“We tried a lot of things…something worked, while others did not.  The first two episodes were great. The plot did lose its way a wee bit in the third and fourth, but regained ground in the last two.  We made some important decisions with the story, which worked, no wonder everyone liked the season finale.  It could have gone horribly wrong, but glad we took the risk.”

Furthermore, Sumeet, who is playing a very serious character in the upcoming film Ribbon, wants to do different kinds of characters. “Hence, I have stayed away from web series as I was being offered the same kind of funny normal man roles.  I am game for more negative kind of characters as well.”

Sumeet has also acted in films like Guddu Ki Gun, Parched and Aurangzeb.

After being part of TV shows like Rehna Hai Teri Palkon Ki Chhaon Mein, Comedy Nights Bachao and Stories by Rabindranath Tagore (Story-Chokher Bali) he has no plans to return to the small screen for now, “I have my hands full and besides I feel the space has kind of lost its way. Earlier it was a writer’s medium, now we have no clue whose medium it is? ends this writer of  Y-Films web series “Bang Baaja Baaraat”.

We wish him all the luck and success.

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