Tanuj Virwani gets candid in an exclusive chat with IWMBuzz

Tanuj Virwani opens up on his alleged affair with Jennifer Winget

There has been lots of speculation regarding an alleged affair between Code M lead actors, Jennifer Winget and Tanuj Virwani.  If the grapevines are to believed, then the very much in love couple had also gone on European vacation during last December.

When we had first broken the above news, we had also carried Tanuj’s quote calling it a rumour. He had even requested us not to pay attention to it.

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But since the buzz refuses to die down, we again touched base with this Inside Edge star, and this is what he had to say, “Having had our respective share of links ups, and my mother’s (Rati Agnihotri) industry experience, I don’t get worked up,  for then you start to behave abnormally with the other. Being friendly with several male and female actors, I am also aware that often things get blown out of proportion as well.”

He continued, “This kind of speculation gets further intensified in the age of social media where everybody thinks themselves to be journalists and start investigating. Links up buzzes also reach their zenith when a new project is on the verge of being released.  So now, with Code M having a good opening, these rumours too will lose steam.”

Talking about working with Jennifer, Tarun added, “Although, she is a more senior artist than me, she never had any hang-ups and gave me equal space to do my own thing. At first, we thought we had never met but later realized that we had first met years back at a party. All these memories came back during the shoot.”

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