Ajey Nagar, dubbed CarryMinati by 29.5 million YouTube users, is Asia’s most popular YouTuber. He has literally grown up creating web content. Ajey’s tremendously successful song Yalgaar, created by Wily Frenzy, has now been adapted into the title tune for the upcoming film The Big Bull starring Abhishek Bachchan, marking a new milestone for him.

The film will be Ajey’s maiden appearance in Bollywood as a ‘playback vocalist,’ adding to his list of successes as a rapper, singer, gamer, and roasting expert. When Ajey was ten years old, he found YouTube and was immediately enthralled by the possibilities it presented. At the age of 13, Ajey decided to pursue a career as a digital content developer after spending three years exploring the platform.

“I remember recording myself performing all these weird football strategies in the beginning so that I could replay it a million times and learn from my mistakes so that I could ace the sport. I had no idea I’d be doing content creation for a living at the moment.”

Ajey admits that he was a shy kid who struggled to express himself, but that creating YouTube content helped him gain confidence. “It was a really natural calling for me,” Ajey says of taking such a large leap of faith at such a young age. “Because this is my passion, I can’t recall a time when I didn’t want to do it.”