View Moments When Bella and Gigi Hadid's Sisterhood Was On Another Level

Times Gigi Hadid and Bella Hadid Flaunted Sister Goals

The expression “twinning and winning” has become very well-known in recent years. We enjoy staging twinning moments with our loved ones. We want to share these twinning events with the world, particularly in this day when social media is so popular.

When we consider twinning, we consider comparable attire, footwear, or accessories. Twinning is essentially a trend right now. But have you ever twinned your makeup? Your favorite stars have, I suppose. Even though Gigi and Bella Hadid are fashion icons on their own, when they come together, they are unstoppable!

During the Paris Fashion Week, this moment of contrast twinning was made. Both sisters were sporting understated, basic makeup that featured an illuminating base, flushed cheeks, filled-in brows, and a pop of neutral eyeshadow on the lids. Bella wore chocolate brown lipstick, in contrast to Gigi, who had a lovely red mark on her lips. To complement their good appearance, they both had stylish hairdos. While Bella had a low bun, Gigi had a high ponytail.

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The sisters produced a wonderful glitter twinning moment in a photo shared by Gigi Hadid on Instagram. Both sisters have contoured and flushed cheeks, bronzed bases, and thick winged eyeliner applied to the inner and outer corners of their eyes. But when it came to the lips, they made a statement with lips covered in chunky glitter in maroon and violet. Regarding their hairdos, Bella had her hair pulled back into a neat and high bun, while Gigi had a playful half-updo with a front center split.

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In 2016, Bella and Gigi Hadid complemented each other both backstage and at the after-party as Bella made her Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show debut. As they prepared for the event, the sisters each wore silver underwear sets, a satin pink robe, and flip-flops.

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For the performance, Gigi and Bella opted for daring all-black ensembles complete with dark, vampy lipstick and combed-back silver hair. Gigi strutted down the runway donning pieces from the line, accessorizing with stacked necklaces, white pointed boots, and a big faux-fur jacket that matched her black shorts.

Bella donned a black jumpsuit with a corset-string accent that ran from her chest to her knee and a scoop neckline. A black satin necktie featuring a cross and white boots completed her ensemble.

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