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Popular comedian Kunal Kamra’s take on typical Indian things is too hilarious to miss

All the times Kunal Kamra made us LOL with his insights on typical Indian things

Mumbai based Stand-Up Comedian Kunal Kamra is widely known for his bold, political humor. He may have started as a simple stand-up presenting his hilarious take on mundane things but has long left the ‘safe space’ and is not afraid to voice his opinions on the political climate in India. His video podcasts ‘Shut Up Ya Kunal’ hosts many popular political figures with his most recent guest being Arvind Kejriwal.
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Regardless of the subject, Kunal Kamra is, undeniably, a pretty damn good comedian. Here’s every time the man made our belly tickle with laughter with his take on typical Indian things that we couldn’t help but relate to:

  • Talking about the good things in life, Kunal couldn’t help but point out how we are obsessed with Indianising everything

McDonalds is too good for India. Punjab Ke McDonalds outlet pe chole bhature bech rahe hain. This country doesn’t know how to deal with goodness.

  • When he got real about the struggles of every college student ever!

They say “JNU wale desh ko girayenge!” And I’m like – “Unka canteen mein udhari hai”.

  • When even Ola and Uber can’t take you to places

Bombay is a fucking weird place. You can’t find a taxi here. That’s why Uber and Ola came. So now you can’t find Uber, Ola and taxi.

  • You cannot get sassy with an Uber driver coz he’ll sass you right back!

I booked an Uber, I called the guy, I’m like “Sir Kahaan ho app?” He’s like “15 minutes lagega”. So I day, “Par app toh 2 minutes dikha raha hai”, so he said, “Fir app pe baithke chale jao”.

  • The struggle is real.

Cabbies honk at trees! I’m like “Bhaiyya ye nai hilega haan. Apko side se jana hai”.

  • All of us after demonetization:

One day government will ask, “What have you got?” I say, “Yeh 500 ka note.” They’re like, “No no that’s invalid now”.

  • Be proud, Mumbaikers!

What’s Bombay’s biggest achievement? That it’s not Delhi
Kunal Kamra never fails to deliver, truly!

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