Sachin Tyagi who was recently seen in Viu’s Kaushiki talks about his role and his view on today’s generation.

Today’s youngsters are smarter than what the world assumes them to be: Sachin Tyagi

Versatile actor Sachin Tyagi who enthrals one and all in the popular and long-running TV show, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai recently had a very interesting outing on the web space with Viu India’s thriller, Kaushiki.

Playing the role of the businessman father Parag Patel, Sachin plays a man who is very much concerned about his son’s safety and well-being. In order to get him on the right path, his character takes a big step of teaching him his lesson the hard way.

The climax of the series actually makes his role quite effective to the extent of viewers getting a pleasant surprise with the revelation.

In a talk with, Sachin Tyagi tells us, “My very first TV show, Family Business was of Hansal Mehta, wherein Suparn Verma (Director of Kaushiki) was the associate of Hansal. We knew each other from long, and when I was offered this role, I decided to take it up. I was told that the guy is a normal caring father, who would turn out to be the mastermind behind everything.”

Talking about his experience, Sachin avers, “It was a very good experience. It was different from what we do in daily soaps. It came as a breath of fresh air. Mine was not a very long role, but the ending made it quite effective. We had a friendly ambience on the set.”

Ask him about today’s generation youngsters falling prey to the wrong habits quite quickly and he denies the statement saying, “I don’t feel so. I in fact feel that today’s youngsters are smarter than what the world assumes them to be. I don’t understand what people mean when they say that the world around us is becoming bad. I feel the people around me are the same. Even today, we see many people rushing to help one who is in need. Also, today’s generation is smarter, and they get exposed to lot of things. They have knowledge about everything. Also, it does not seem that the parents of today prepare the kids to the big bad world. The kids can handle themselves very well; they are very sensible and know what to do. I will not even say they are not respectful.”

Ask him if he will be a father like Parag Patel of Kaushiki and he states, “Well, I am a father in real life. I have my own ways in dealing with my kids; I am lenient for certain things, and am very strict when it comes to certain situations. Yes, like Parag Patel, I also want to keep my kids safe. But I will never put my kids into such a problem situation like what he did.”

Sachin will take up more opportunities on the web space if he finds them meaty.

Way to go, Sachin!!


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