Veer Rajwant is not another pretty face and he’s proved it time and again.

Web actor Veer Rajwant deserves more attention. Here’s why

Indian web series have not just given us wonderful, fictional yet original stories but also brilliant actors that bring the characters to life and do absolute justice to the story. Veer Rajwant Singh of FilterCopy fame is one such actor who has compelled us to watch web series.

Singh is aware that the web space has grown exceptionally fast in just a matter of few years and realizes the potential that they possess. Born Veer Pratap Singh, Veer Rajwant Singh started his journey at the young age of 7 and is digitally acclaimed for his performances in Neta Sabki Leta, Little Things and What the Folks. Though he started out early, there was a point in time when he lost his father and had to take up a job with Haryana Government Service for 9 years. However, he stuck to his passion and decided to make it work.

One of the reasons why Veer has garnered such a fan base is that the audience finds his acting real. He showed us his impeccable comic timing as the Interviewee in Neta Sabki Leta and his versatility with the ghar-jamai Nikhil in What The Folks. Whether it is playing Nikhil in What The Folks, Gaurav Malhotra in The Reunion or all the different stories that he’s brought to life with his renditions, Veer plays every role with a conviction which is rare to find. As it happens, Veer is a high school dropout and as such has never been a part of high school or college reunions. And yet, when you see him in The Reunion as the warm and easy to approach friend Gaurav, you would find it hard to believe that he has conjured all those emotions.

Owing to his acting prowess and ever-increasing popularity, Veer Rajwant has also been roped in to essay an essential character in The Zoom Studios’ upcoming light-hearted show ‘The Holiday’. He will be paired against Natasa Stankovic.

His all too real performance prove that his acting talent is all natural and not learnt. It’s high time Bollywood wakes up and makes way for this enduring and alluring Dice Media regular!

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