It’s not usual of Kim Kardashian to actually repeat outfits, but this one time she did, and we are wondering, why!

When Kim Kardashian wore the same outfit at three different parties 758885

It was last year in December, when this gorgeous beauty hopped into some crazy parties in one weekend. She attended Paris Hilton’s Christmas party, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s first holiday gathering as a married couple, and nephew Mason Disick’s bar mitzvah; all happening on the same day. And to our utmost shock, Kim Kardashian attended all these parties in the same outfit.

The makeup mogul donned a cropped T-shirt from the racks of Dr Dre and Snoop Dogg’s 2000 Up in Smoke tour in addition to a cinched pair of black leather trousers by Dolce & Gabbana, which were heavily adorned. Her unique caramel hair was sported in ripples steady to her waist.

Kardashian coiffed with two diamond necklaces, one of which spotlighted a large cross that some social media thought was unusual for someone like Kim Kardashian. Her makeup looked on point, as she decked it up with filled in eyebrows, bold eyes and nude pinkish plump lips.

Kim also shared a photodump on her Instagram handle, on Dec 31 2022, where we could see her decked up in the same outfit.

Sharing the pictures, Kim wrote, “Never been a hater, I don’t care enough ?”in the caption.

Here take a look-

When Kim Kardashian wore the same outfit at three different parties 758878

When Kim Kardashian wore the same outfit at three different parties 758879

When Kim Kardashian wore the same outfit at three different parties 758880

As of now Kim Kardashian has been hitting the headlines. It’s been after Kanye and Kim officially divorced each other. And as of now, reports are claiming that Kanye has already found someone and has secretly married too. A report by TMZ states, “The couple reportedly didn’t sign a marriage license, but were photographed at the Waldorf Astoria wearing their wedding rings. Bianca, an Australia native, has worked alongside Kanye at Yeezy for several years. She was previously brunette but went blonde amid news of the secret wedding. Kanye is reportedly wearing the wedding ring as a sign of his commitment to Bianca. The marriage comes after Kanye dated a series of models during his divorce from Kim.” It is also has been stated by an insider that Kim Kardashian hates Kanye’s new wife.

Earlier Kim was in a relationship with the comedian Pete Davidson. They were together for some months, but however they eventually parted ways for best reasons known to them.

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