Who reigns supreme when it comes to the most daring dress? Rihanna or Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian VS Rihanna: Whose Risk-Taking Gown Is Jaw-Dropping? 772947

Celebrities in Hollywood have long been adept at wearing daring and risky clothing. They have a reputation for experimenting with fashion inspiration and having the self-assurance to embrace their style regardless of their clothing. When styling for occasions like red carpets, parties, and performances, they always put their best foot forward in fashion.

The family of Kardashian and Jenner has long attracted attention from the media. Additionally, they have grown to be the wealthiest family in Hollywood. Since the first season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians debuted in 2007, they have appeared in the media more frequently. Kim Kardashian West is the most well-liked person compared to the others. When it comes to fashion, she has been the star. She is as glamorous as they come, and the public has been astounded by her red carpet-attire.

Kim Kardashian West succeeds in drawing attention whenever she is strutting down the red carpet. She has dominated the red carpet by trying new things and taking risks. Below are some outstanding examples of iconic attire.

Kim’s outfit was poured with crystals and flaunted her well-known curves in splendour. In addition, sheIn addition, she opted for wet-looking hair and shiny makeup, which added to the just-emerged-from-the-water appearance. Brilliant, in our opinion!

Kim Kardashian VS Rihanna: Whose Risk-Taking Gown Is Jaw-Dropping? 772932

Kardashian’s gown seemed nearly entirely sheer and featured delicate white accents down the arms, bodice, and train.

Kim Kardashian VS Rihanna: Whose Risk-Taking Gown Is Jaw-Dropping? 772934

When it comes to sassing people and taking charge, Rihanna reigns supreme. She is the one who starts trends because her fashion statements are always more avant-garde. She has often provided some of the boldest and most ooh-and-aah-worthy moments in fashion as a singer, actor, and many other things. She displayed the boss’s world, surprising everyone in her sheer, bare dress and Pope-inspiration robe. She has created her mood, from her street style to her attractive red carpet-outfits. Here are a few of Rihanna’s most memorable “bad girl” performances that truly lit up the red carpet.

Kim Kardashian VS Rihanna: Whose Risk-Taking Gown Is Jaw-Dropping? 772935

Rihana chose a crimson off-the-shoulder dress with a tiered skirt. The neckline’s extreme lowness highlighted her cleavage. In contrast, her elegant haircut and alluring cosmetics complemented her dazzling red carpet look. She undoubtedly made admirers’ mouths drop to the floor, and their bodies sweated when she appeared in this gorgeous attire.

Kim Kardashian VS Rihanna: Whose Risk-Taking Gown Is Jaw-Dropping? 772943

It is difficult to choose between Rihanna and Kim because we think they are equally lovely, and their admirers are raving about them. Those who witnessed their stunning appearance at the same time gasped in shock. So, which person do you like best?

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