Roshni Sahota of Shakti — Astitva Ke Ehsaas Ki fame is a budding producer in the making.  She and a couple of friends have collaborated to make a series of horror short films for You Tube.

“There is lot of comedy and thriller series on the World Wide Web but no one has yet ventured into the horror space.  Also our real life inspired stories are shot as  real possible, we avoid using excess CG and  DI.”

Here, Roshni adds that she has deliberately kept away from the new horrex genre as well. “We could have used the freedom of the medium. But we don’t want to use s*x to just hype the thrill element, believing our story has it enough already to travel the distance.”

Roshni has just finished shooting the fourth film in her series. “We have   uploaded three previous web films (Flat no 703, Dream or Reality, and The Tenants) on You Tube under the Pravaah Entertainment Channel. I again play the protagonist in Chanda. This story actually happened to a friend of ours in Bihar.  Taking the bar higher from our above earlier stories,   we have shot in the proper style at a proper Madh Island bungalow and hired professional actors.  If I could have helped I would have taken my Shakti co stars but most were busy. Chanda will start beaming soon once the editing is complete.  I have seen the rushes and am happy with the final output.”

So how has the response been so far?  “We are getting very good feedback.”

However, she did agree that she is yet fully depended on You Tube hits going beyond a certain critical threshold number for the money to start flowing in. “It is a slow process, but I am ready to wait for I have confidence on my product.”

Looking ahead, she wants to make TV shows and films as well. “I am not just an actor but much more, you ain’t seen nothing yet,” she ends with a smile.

We wish her all the best.