The review of ALTBalaji and ZEE5 series Crashh.

Review of ALTBalaji and ZEE5 series Crashh: An emotional and gripping ‘lost and found’ siblings tale

Crashh the recently launched ALTBalaji and ZEE5 series has given a great binge-watch moment. The fact that we could not drop the mobile down till we got to the Season Finale was in fact the biggest positive aspect of the series.

Above all, the sentiments of siblings being separated and the eagerness in the eldest of them to look for his smaller siblings touched the right chord.

The series starts with the major accident that changed many lives. Two cars collide and the lives of the survivors are never the same again.

There is a happy family consisting of the father and mother with their four kids in one car, while another car too has a kid. Parents played by Rushad Rana and Sucheta Trivedi die on the spot while their kids survive and are sent to an orphanage where every one of them gets a new home after being adopted.

With this background of the story, we move to the present where we are introduced to Kabir (Kunj Anand) who is a rough and tough cop. He is the eldest of the four kids who survived the accident. He distinctly remembers all the tragic events of the past, and is determined to search for his siblings. He has probably become a cop only to seek the added advantage of digging into the past developments of the case.

We are then taken into the life of Kajal (Aditi Sharma), the second eldest of the four kids. She sees the nightmare of the accident in her sleep and usually wakes up to see her present life which is nothing less than being a nightmare. She has been adopted by Divya (Tuhinaa Vohra) who has been in an affair for years, with Mr Kapoor, a businessman. Divya gets into a suicidal spree every now and then and Kajal as the daughter is left to do all the ordeals of rushing her mother to the hospital and getting her back to recovery.

Rahim (Rohan Mehra), one of the twins who survived the accident is a driver who also indulges in making easy money, by getting into illegal activities. He has an urge to become rich and have huge money for himself. He does not remember anything about his real family, or of the accident. He is the driver for Alia.

Alia Mehra (Anushka Sen) is the daughter of the rich couple Aditya Mehra (Vihaan Choudhary) and Madhurima Mehra (Aanchal Khurana). The other twin out of the four siblings, Alia lives a very posh and lavish lifestyle and is blessed with all the luxuries of life. She has no clue of being adopted until a drama over it erupts in the storyline.

On the other side of it, we have Rishabh Sachdeva (Zain Imam) who initially gets introduced as the close friend of Puneet Kapoor (Syed Raza Ahmed). Puneet’s father is the one who has been in an affair with Divya for years. Getting back to Rishabh, he is a loner and takes to drinking in order to ward off his loneliness and a troublesome past. We are opened to the fact that Rishabh was the kid who was in the other car that met with an accident, as the story progresses.

The lives of Kajal and Puneet are tangled because of the illegitimate affair that the former’s mother and latter’s father are in. Kajal hates it when her mother gets all that she demands for, from Mr Kapoor. The very recent help rendered is of Kajal getting an admission in the same prestigious college where Puneet and Alia study.

Puneet and Alia are thick friends, considering that their fathers are the best of friends. Alia backs Puneet always, and this leads her against her own sister Kajal.

Where there is problem, there is Kajal. This is actually the fate of Kajal and she is trapped into one problem after another by Puneet and Alia. Call it instinct, or the sixth sense, she always gets the backing and support of the cop Kabir, who happens to be the elder brother of Kajal. Kabir knows Kajal is right and vows to prove her innocent every time she gets into a mess.

Kabir sees a ray of hope when he gets to meet a lady who worked in the same orphanage. Through her, he gets to know that his second sister is none other than Kajal, who he has been shielding from all kinds of troubles. Kabir and Kajal unite and vow to look for their other two siblings too.

Kajal continues to stay with her mother who needs her help. She often says that she has adopted her mother, and she holds on to it even after finding her own brother.

Meanwhile, Rahim’s illegal activities put him into the bad books of Kabir. Also, since Alia openly supports Puneet and goes against Kajal, Kabir and Kajal hold a grudge on Alia.

Alia loves Rishabh, but Rishabh has always preferred to give company only to his loneliness. However, when he meets the other loner Kajal, he is drawn towards her.

Amidst all this, we get to know that Rishabh is a leading surgeon working in the hospital of Alia’s father. Kajal accidentally joins the same hospital as intern. And Rishabh and Kajal strike a chord which starts with an aversion which slowly leads to a silent liking, which both of them have not realized yet.

Drama breaks out when Alia gets to know that she is adopted right on her birthday. She too becomes a loner and talks of depressing stuff. At this juncture, Kabir is on the verge of meeting his third sibling Alia, but misses by a whisker.

The drama intensifies when Mr Kapoor is all of a sudden murdered, and his last interaction (with recorded proof) was with Kajal. Kajal is arrested for the crime, but she is completely clueless of having done so. Though Kabir is a cop, he simply cannot do anything as all proofs point at Kajal.

The season finale has ended at this tough spot where Kajal is arrested. Also, Kabir has found out that Alia is his sister, but has not confided this fact to anyone.

Who has killed Mr Kapoor? Is it really Kajal? Or is there some other black sheep?

The narrative certainly is gripping and leaves us glued to it. The happenings are really pacey and does not give any room whatsoever for any sort of diversion.

The sentiments conveyed are top-notch. The scenes of depression and sorrow coming out of Kajal and Rishabh were good to watch. Their scene sitting in the bar, boozing away to glory was nicely captured. The sorrowful scenes of Kajal really brought tears in our eyes. The union of Kabir and Kajal was gripping. The scene where Alia boozes and talks to Rishabh about being adopted and suddenly finding herself lonely, was painful.

Coming to performances, Kunj, Aditi, Anushka, Rohan and Zain have been in their top form. Special mention to Aditi as she has had the majority of the sorrowful expressions and loneliness to display.

The only aspect we failed to digest was the fact that Rishabh who is shown to be a recluse and a guy who takes to drinks to help him come to terms with his loneliness, turns out to be a leading surgeon. (One tip to the man, avoid the drinks so that you can flourish more as a doctor).

The stage is set for a very dramatic Season 2 of Crashh. If we consider the juncture at which the story is poised, we are sure of the next season being bigger than the first in terms of curiosity and public interest. Also, the fact that the jigsaw puzzle is not completely solved when it comes to all the four siblings’ union.

Add to it, we have a murder and many more unexplored angles and twists that will be laid upon in Season 2.

Overall, a good watch Crashh has been!! Certainly look forward to Season 2 and beyond…

We at credit 3.5 stars out of five for Crashh.