Review of MX Player’s Hey Prabhu: One of its kind, idiosyncratic series

IWMBuzz reader Krishna Prasad reviews MX Player original Hey Prabhu

Review of MX Player’s Hey Prabhu: One of its kind, idiosyncratic series

MX player is a well renowned and popular video streaming application, supporting all kinds of picture qualities to view. Digital streaming has been remarkably prodigious in the current era. Now, MX Player has brought online streaming into live; consisting of all TV shows, web series, movies, where you could watch all at one place. It’s more like you’re getting best of both worlds. The first web series that MX Player originals came up with is “Hey Prabhu”.

Tarun Prabhu (Rajat Barmecha), the so-called millennial in the age of twenties, who has a gargantuan following on his social media (Twitter) and other sites, plays a millennial whose personal life and professional life clash. It shows how youngsters goof up by assuming that things in social media are more like things in one’s professional or personal life. It’s completely ridiculous. We actually bite off more than we can chew. That’s the problem with the young teenager. In real life, success isn’t instant like pizza delivery, where you can get it within minutes.

Tarun Prabhu sees things completely upside down; his life seems ear-piercing and discordant, mostly characterized by conflicts in all areas of his life. His dad, a retired Merchant Navy officer, and his mom are forever after Tarun and keep on pointing out his mistakes to make him understand things. This makes Tarun quite irritated at home at times. After long, the social media influencer finally gets a job in a magazine called “Croissant”, which is an illustrious one. The company hopes that his social media influence will be an added advantage to the company in terms of overall visibility. Tarun’s life, which until now was quite content and tranquil, becomes chaotic and he ends up making mistakes at his work place and at home. How he manages to come out of this scrambled and bewildered state is what is shown in the rest of the series.

Hey Prabhu is a one of its kind, idiosyncratic series. It unveils some real facts of life. Living in the digital world is different from living outside the digital world. This series showcases that very clearly. It has an interesting script, depicting the reality of the present generation. It shows how the protagonist handles his personal and social life with sensitivity and accuracy. This series also clearly depicts the life of a media intern, of the true nature of journalism and also the significance of a writer in the field of journalism and the print media.

Mita (Achint Kaur), as the chief editor who loathes and abhors Tarun’s behavior and recklessness at work, makes the show stand out in the crowd. She asks her senior correspondent named Arunima (Parul Gulati) to assist Tarun at work and asks her to shadow him like his silhouette; he does the entire work and she verifies it. This was more like a punishment for his miscalculation or fallacy at work. Tarun’s social life is also disturbed after everyone gets to know of his problem of erectile dysfunction through a hashtag created by his friend Karishma, which goes viral and disrupts Tarun’s social media image.  Later, he slowly gets to know the reasons for his erectile dysfunction, and tries to reduce his bad habits. The series conveys a very good message to the youngsters and also discerns real life problems.

Meanwhile, Tarun and Arunima come closer to each other, and she confesses that she knows Tarun’s hashtag secret. She also reveals her own personal secret to Tarun, something that no one else knows, to make him come out of his embarrassment and awkwardness regarding his disorder.

The overall package, in terms of acting, script, background work, is really good. It is depicted in a natural and powerful way. It features an interesting real life story and a script well written by Nihit Bhave. The overall rating would be above average with all aspects taken into consideration. The main reason why it seemed more realistic was because the series adopted a hilarious and funny way to show Rajat Barmecha’s problem in a comical way, even while it touched upon the real aspects of today’s generation. Everything is shown quite clearly and seamlessly. Good work overall. However, being web, the most used word in the series is, of course, ‘fuck’.

A take away from this web series: 

Running away from problems is not the only solution. Facing it with guts and promptness would make a person better in real life. All matters is how you are in real life, rather than being digitally cool and ending up in a soup in real life. 

Rating: 3.5/5

Starring: Rajat Barmecha as Tarun Prabhu

Parul Gulati as Arunima

Achint Kaur as Mita

Rituraj Singh as Tarun’s Dad

Sheeba Chaddha as Tarun’s Mom

(Written By D.Krishna Prasad)

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