The Sunil Subramani directorial The Great Weddings Of Munnes, starring the very amazing Abhishek Banerjee in the lead, pledges to give us a weekend-worthy binge show. Exclusively available on Voot, the story revolves around the life of Munnes Kumar Yadav aka Abhishek Banerjee, who’s in utter dilemma and rush of getting ‘hitched’, and how he gets a tough reality check every day at his office where he makes ‘marriage certificates’.

However, in a country like India, and that too being residents of ‘Mathura’ a man with a stable government job, gets a fair call of ‘eligible bachelor’, but Munnes sadly gets rejected at every prospect and parameter, in the race of ‘Ladki dekhne Jana hai’. But what happens is beyond his expectations and the viewers too, that Mahi aka Barkha Singh falls for him head-to-toe after the tiniest interaction at the office.

There where the journey begins with an infinite round of chaos. And in this what we loved is the ‘chronology’ that Munnes Parivar falls into. What’s more appalling that how, Munnes and Mahi’s wedding goes disrupted by a godman aka the Guruji, whom, Mahi’s grandfather takes a vouch for. For Mahi’s kundli doesn’t fall on the paths, and if she gets married to Munnes, the latter shall die. This leaves Munnes devastated, and he ends up committing suicide.

While, you might see the end there, but it turns out a different battleground altogether. For a fresh start, we see Munnes Parivar lamenting someone’s death, but while the director tries to make it quite obvious that it’s Munnes, we could predict it’s not. Eventually, we see Munnes with a mild cough and cold, stating about his failed attempt at suicide.

The 10-episode journey then paces out with Munnes reaching out to the Godman, asking him for a solution so that he and Mahi could get married.

What we found interesting in the process is how the director used minimal, not too over-the-top elements to keep the humour up within. Like Munnes’ mother ordering ‘Matka Kulfi’ during the mourn episode, to get the ‘Matka’ that would help out in the rites; then Munnes helping out his own ‘wife’ to elope with her lover and more. Even though the fun comes in intervals, it becomes worth it. But the show definitely fails to keep your eyes on hold, for it runs on a flat slow pace full of predictions. In short, we missed a ‘crisp’ script.

Coming to the actors, it’s fair to say that the star cast did their jobs well, especially, Abhishek Banerjee, who glorifies in his second skin ‘Munnes’. We expected a bit more of Barkha Singh’s screen presence in all the ‘actions’ of ‘searching a wife for a night’, but her contributions only remained over mere phone calls.

But in all this, the stars in the show, with their brilliant portrayals and treatments of their characters make the show a must-watch. So, if you haven’t already, you definitely should. The Great Weddings Of Munnes is streaming on Voot and is helmed by Jio Studios.

IWMBuzz rates it 3 stars.