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Tanmay and his smart antics to stay in news…

The Curious Case of Tanmay Bhat

Hearsay is a type of storytelling too. Often a figment of one’s imagination, which, thanks to today’s social media prowess and access, often leads to conjectures and conniving consequences.

The space of digital, potent and precarious, has evolved into a monstrous influence, its impact reverberating in the minds of teeming millions, sometimes good, sometimes bad, sometimes dire ugly to the extent of being notorious.

And one name which pops up while conversing on social media is Tanmay Bhat.

Tanmay and controversy go hand-in-hand, which is public knowledge. He seems to have found a winner formula by playing the ‘roasting to being roasted formula’, later apologizing, deleting or making tall claims.

AIB is a brand, oh yes, its name and fame travelling to diverse contours of the vast country. However, the motley company has also become synonymous to contorted comedy. It tickles the funny bones not via some great creative work of performing arts, but resorting to satires (read: lampoons) and mimicry, which many would rate as a ‘not so intelligent’ form of humour.

Be it the infamous roast episode (claim to fame) to the unpalatable obnoxious impersonations of revered personalities, Tanmay, as per our opinion, knows how to be in news, with each of his controversial social uploads.

Like they say, any publicity is good publicity.

Here here, we are no bhakt or pseudo nationalist intellectual or any such heavy jargon floating in the digital universe, however, we do have an opinion.

Tanmay’s latest dog filter on PM upload was uncalled for. First of all, he is the Hon Prime Minister of our country, some respect is accounted for. Secondly, it’s an absolute waste of time and creative energy. As a social media influencer, Tanmay and ilk can actually make a difference rather than looking for easy ‘pokings & pickings’ to stay in news. Putting a dog filter on PM’s face is certainly not the best form of creativity, we say. One can definitely do better.

It is undeniable that AIB needs to evolve and innovate and create something beautiful, not stay in the same satire sarcastic rut forever and ever. It’s akin to a boring, unavoidable, dreary city logjam.

Art is universal, art is bliss…when you have the voice and audience, why waste it? Given the talent and reach, AIB headed by Tanmay can certainly tell the tale of difference of opinion in a more impactful way, which could create a more meaningful relevant voice rather than turn the intent into a controversial futile clamor.

Modern India wears a blanket of negativity and hate. As communicators and messengers, we can mind our words and actions and create content which will help in enlightening the end consumers.

Voice out, yes, but in the right way. It’s time to grow up!!!

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