TV star, Priyal Gor, can’t understand the fuss about playing a lesbian character. She has joined fellow small-screen starlet, Leena Jumani, in the Vikram Bhatt-produced web series, Maaya 2. “We are only playing characters, and not really getting married, are we?”

On public feedback, she says, “While my own fan base is cool, I have now collected a large number of haters post Maaya 2, who don’t like what I am doing.” Priyal got name and fame courtesy Ram Milaayi Jodi and Dekha Ek Khwaab Hai.

“On a more serious note, doing this 40-day schedule gave me an insight into the life of lesbians. The problem is that most people regard things they don’t understand as bad. Here I got a chance to live their psyche; so I fully support them and am proud to have got the chance to play one.”

Here, she admits that it was not easy doing those female-female lovemaking scenes. “One, there were several people on set, and second, you get edgy even when you kiss a guy on screen; and here you are lip-locking with your own kind. But I am glad we both could pull it off. Here, I wish to add that once you see these scenes in perspective of the love story, and not as standalone lesbian lovemaking, you will get the required emotional connect as well.”

Interestingly, until a while back, Priyal was of the opinion that she would not do bold. “Well, we do evolve over time, and when a web series offers you the opportunity to break a taboo, is it not better to grab it with both hands? TV anyways will not allow you such characters, and why wait indefinitely for films?” says Priyal, who has done a couple of south films as well. Her last TV show was Ichhapyaari Naagin, on SAB TV.

This is Priyal‘s second web series. “My earlier avatar, Memories, again with Vikram Bhatt, is still to see the light of day. Digital shooting is a different kettle of fish; since everybody involved is young, there are no seniority issues, as on TV. Further, director Krishna Bhatt is our age; she understands where we come from.”

In closing, Priyal says, “Maaya is beautifully bold and not vulgar; do watch out for it, when it releases on 30th May.”

We wish her success.