Talented actress Priyal Gor is a delight to watch when she is in action!! She is an elegant performer and can easily win hearts with her portrayal.

In real life, Priyal loves to travel. And that’s what interested us. We got in touch with her to know more about her memorable travel experience and much more.

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Travel by plane, car, or boat – What do you like?

I would prefer to travel by plane and car. I fear water when it comes to travel mode (smiles)

Your most memorable travel was:

I have had memorable travel experiences. But the most memorable one has to be the one I planned over the New Year’s to Bali

Vacation spot you long to go:

I will again love to go to Bali (laughs)

Your favorite travel buddy:

There is no specific travel buddy. I have travelled with many people and that is how I like it

Styled up or Casual during travel:

Casual for travel

Your top three traveling essentials:

Good clothes and lots of money

Land, Hills or Beaches – your preferred choice:

Beaches and Hills

Do you prefer solo travel or with someone else?

It depends on the phase I am in. I enjoy travelling solo at times. At the same time, there have been many occasions where I have loved to travel with a company

Any road trip experience:

I mostly avoid long trips by road as I don’t get sleep. As for the short road trips I have had, they have been memorable, but nothing special in it to mention

Dancing, singing or eating – your favorite habit during travel?

I cannot live without all these three. I sing when I travel. I dance when I get the opportunity, and I simply love to eat (smiles).