How does it feel to be back on Sony SAB? 

It’s my third show with Sony SAB and it has always been a pleasure associating with the channel. I personally enjoying working with the team and being back on the channel is truly a homecoming for me. I am grateful to Shashi Sumeet Productions for giving me an opportunity to be part of the Sony SAB’s slice of life show, Tera Yaar Hoon Main.

What made you accept this role in Tera Yaar Hoon Main?  

My character, Mamta and the beautifully crafted story of the show made me accept the offer. Once again, I am getting an opportunity to associate with channel that offers such wholesome content. I absolutely love my character, Mamta. She is indeed very intelligent but at the same time, she is very carefree, bubbly and acts reckless at times. She is one of the altisonant characters in the show. Playing these bubbly characters on-screen excites me and I am enjoying essaying it.

Please share something about your character, Mamta 

My character, Mamta is an independent, progressive, and strongly opinionated woman. She has lived in the US for some time now and works as an entertainer in weddings and does folk performances. Although she has been in the US, she can speak fluent Marwari. She is someone who loves to openly discuss topics such as live-in relationships, LGBTQ rights and taboo topics which traditional families usually don’t talk about. I am enjoying playing such a strong woman who has her own voice.  

Any special preparations that you have done to bring this character to life? 

I believe every artiste prepare themselves in their own way. For my character, Mamta, I learnt Marwari.  It is an exciting opportunity when a character adds to your skills and learning Marwari has been a lot of fun. But at times, while delivering my dialogues, funny things have happened with me. Marwari is indeed a very sweet language, but it is tough too. Whenever I have to say something in Marwari, I used to forget my dialogues. Rajendra Chawla Sir really helped me a lot since he knows the language. This was one of the challenges that I faced and now gradually, I have got the hang of the language. Another requirement of my character is that to bring Mamta to life, I must amp up my energy because she is so lively and happy-going lucky girl and to do justice to the character, I have to get into that headspace and deliver my best.

Tell us about your experience shooting with the cast and crew of the show. How is your rapport with Ssudeep Sahir and Sayantani Ghosh while shooting for the show?  

It’s more than a month that I am shooting with the cast and crew of the show, and we are all like a family now. I feel elated going to the sets, everyone has been very welcoming and warm. When I first visited the set, I already knew a lot of people, so it was not very challenging for me to get along with them. The shooting has been smooth from the first day we met, and I have developed a good rapport with the team. With Ssudeep and Sayantani, I instantly got along with them because they were so welcoming towards me.   

Any message for your fans/viewers?  

I really want everyone to keep watching Tera Yaar Hoon Main and keep loving us and showering us with love. Through this show, we are catering to and highlighting many socially relevant topics. In today’s time, a character like Mamta does exist and its high time that people accept her with open arms and hearts. I have been receiving various messages and love from my fans on social media, I just urge them to keep loving me as Mamta in Sony SAB’s Tera Yaar Hoon Main.