Amit Sadh tested himself post Breathe 2 co-star Abhishek Bachchan got Coronavirus

Amit Sadh Tests Negative For Covid 19

Some good news on Monday morning. Breathe actor Amit Sadh and his fans can breathe easy. He has been tested negative for Covid 19 after his colleague and co-star Abhishek Bachchan tested positive.

Amit got himself tested on Sunday … “just in case”.

The report came in on Monday morning.

“I’ve tested negative. In any case I wasn’t worried. We are in this together.We need to fight the endemic and emerge stronger,” says Amit.

His heart is now with the Bachchans. “Abhishek and I got along really well during the shooting of Breathe 2. He is a no-hassles guy and so am I. That he and his family have tested positive for Corona is very upsetting. I wish them a speedy recovery. Amitji has always been an inspiration for me. He is a fighter and this time too he will emerge victorious.”

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