Anupriya Goenka isn’t just gorgeousness personified but is also an amazing actress in the true sense of the term. The actress has worked her way up in the industry with her credible performances. Although having started her career in 2013, she took her time to work her way up before getting opportunities in big-time movies like ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ and ‘Padmaavat’. While in ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’, she played the role of a lead nurse, she played the role of the first queen for ‘Padmaavat’ and started gaining the recognition that she deserves.

But her real and true critical acclaim started coming in only after her spree of successful web series, the likes of ‘Criminal Justice’, ‘The Final Call’ and ‘Sacred Games’. Anupriya’s web acclaims were recognized at The India Web Fest and she was asked at the red carpet regarding what she feels about the future of OTT and web. Regarding the same, she was quoted as saying –

“I think we are getting a lot closer in the webspace to international content. It’s happening quite rapidly compared to the movie platform. There are a lot of topics to be done and the production scale has gone up. So now you have the best of talent coming up. All you need right now is a kind of alignment. There’s more work needed right now on production, writing and the whole process. So at this time, we can go horribly wrong or we can go absolutely right. Everyone needs to be on the same page right now and work together as a team. That’s all we need to ensure the future of OTT and web. “

Well, true words indeed from Anupriya. Here’s wishing Anupriya all the best for her future endeavours. For more such updates, stay tuned to