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AIB one of the prolific comedy content creator company has shut down owing to the problems in functionality that they have faced over the last few months.

Indian Comedy Company All India Bakchod shuts down?

All India Bakchod also known as AIB has been the creative agency that has given fabulous entertainment with the stand-ups, sketches and the varied programs that got made under its roof.

The sketches and spoofs of AIB won hearts off millions and in no time, AIB got to be the most-sought out destination for sheer fun and comic time on the digital space.

Well, if there were huge ups for AIB, the creative company faced a terrible down with the exit of Gursimran Khamba and Tanmay Bhat in October 2018, as a result of  two different sexual harassment allegations.

The #MeToo movement hit them big when comedian and actor Utsav Chakraborty was accused of sending explicit photographs and messages to women. Tanmay was later charged for not taking immediate action even after he knew of this allegation on Utsav.

Khamba was later accused of violating consent and emotional abuse by an unknown woman.

All this had put to halt the functioning of AIB for months together.

And now, the official statement released by All India Bakchod regarding closing down of their office and functioning has only put the last nail into the coffin with regards to the existense of the once-famous comedy content company.

Here is a look at the statement released by AIB on social media.


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An update

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It feels really sad that the AIB that we have known all these years will not be functional anymore…

However, as the AIB team puts it, we wish that they return in a new form that they work out on in the near future.

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