Ace digital content creator, Kabir Sadanand is all set for the launch of his banner’s app for Android users.

Kabir Sadanand and team to launch ‘Lehren App’ for Android

Actor, Producer, Writer and Director Kabir Sadanand has been busy churning out interesting content for the digital platform.

Frogs Lehren, the YouTube page has been a one-stop destination for all the entertainment buffs looking for content with wholesome entertainment.

Now, after having established their presence on the digital space, Kabir Sadanand and team will soon be going LIVE with the app, Lehren on Android.

Says Kabir, “Lehren App will be up and going by January 2019. We will then start to release our shows on our app. Obviously, we will have Youtube and other syndication partners too. We will be starting the functioning of the app with the Season 2 of Virgin Woman Diaries sometime in January.”

The Lehren app is the brainchild of Mr. Mrityunjay Pandey, Chairman and Managing Director, Lehren Networks Private Limited. “It is a great step by Mr. Mrityunjay. We are working towards making the app live right now.”

Kabir also mentions, “We at Frogs Lehren had our very first outing on Facebook with our recent series, O Vatsyayana, the modern day love story. We had a great response with over 2-5 million views on FB.”

And on the Season 2 of Virgin Woman Diaries, he states, “Well, all I can say is that the Season 2 will be more exciting and interesting. It will be five notches ahead of what we had in Season 1 with respect to its content.”

Watch out for the Lehren App in the New Year!!

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