Producer Kabir Sadanand talks about his now-streaming chat show, Say It with Kabira.

Producer Kabir Sadanand’s chat show with celebrities ‘Say It with Kabira’ is going great guns!!

The initial episodes had Tanushree Dutta talking about ‘Body Shaming’.

Says Kabir who is making this series under the banner Frogs Lehren, “The intention of doing such a show is that lot of us have issues that we are facing on a day to day basis. The problems are inherently there around us, but no one is really giving it a second thought. For example, take body shaming, everyone knows that it exists. But nobody is talking about it. Addiction is a big issue, but how many people understand what addiction is. Addiction can even be your computer too. Our idea is to just start a conversation and to talk about issues that everyone is facing in their day to day life. And with this discussion an awareness to speak out starts. The first thing is that introspection will happen.”

As the maker and host, does it put in more responsibility on you, especially when it comes to handling sensitive topics? “See for me, more than me being the maker, people are the makers of it. We are just discussing stuff. Yes, responsibility is very important but that does not stop me or the guest to speak their mind. Yes, we don’t want to be abusive. We don’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments. At the same time, we want to be honest with ourselves. I am also learning through this show. We are dealing with various topics which you will see in the coming episodes.”

Salil Ankola will be featured in the next episode of Say It with Kabira wherein he will address the topic of ‘addiction’.

Catch up with the chat show to know more…

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