Remo D'souza joins Salman Khan in the Bigg Boss house for #MojBanaHitHoJa challenge

#MojBanaHitHoJa: Salman Khan and Remo D’souza set Bigg Boss stage on fire

When ‘Dabangg’ Salman Khan and Remo D’souza come together on stage, it is euphoria unlimited.

The two Bollywood maestros recently were seen in Bigg Boss 15, one of the most popular shows in India, airing on Colors.

The entertaining banter between Salman and Remo kept the audience glued to the screen.

Remo went to the Bigg Boss house representing Moj – India’s number 1 short video app and Bigg Boss’ associate sponsor. Moj allows users to create exciting content and publish their fun videos. Moj has emerged as the most preferred app for content creators in India.

Furthermore, Remo gave fun challenges to the contestants with the task where they had to do a dance-off and these videos would be uploaded on the Moj app and the video with the most likes would be coined as the winner and get a special prize from Moj.

As per the challenge, the creators had to create video content that would get uploaded on the app, and the video with the most likes would be coined as the winner and get a special prize from Moj.

Sounds fun!!!

And the surprises don’t end here. Add to that, Remo also threw a challenge to the viewers. After downloading the Moj app, users could create any content, upload the video with the hashtag #MojBanaHitHoJa and lucky winners could get a chance to create content with Remo and a meet & greet chance with Salman Khan.

WHOA, it’s EPIC!!! Moj truly gives the power of content creation to its users. Getting groovy with Remo and meeting Salman Khan, can it get any bigger than this? Definitely, NOT!

With the rise of short-form video as one of the most adored and preferred formats in the country, Moj and Bigg Boss integration brought everyone a luscious opportunity to try their luck.

IWMBuzz gives a thumbs up and says, Bigg Boss chahte hai, ki aap abhi Moj aap download kare aur #MojBanaHitHoJa challenge mein participate kare.

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