TikTok star Faisu slaps good friend and Team 07 member Adnaan Shaikh, watch video

OMG! TikTok star Faisu slaps good friend Adnaan Shaikh, watch video

TikTok is proving to be a great platform for many across the country to flaunt their talent and spread messages across the world. So is it for our very own Faisu and his Team 07.

This team is clearly on top of the app. The team mainly consists of Faisu, Faiz, Shadan, Adnaan and Hasnain.  Each one of them posts short videos on the same account flaunting their talents of lip-syncing to famous dialogues, singing, mimicry and dancing from time to time and they just seem to blow us away every single time.

These boys are best of friends and are often seen having a fun time together.

However, recently something went wrong between Faisu and Adnaan and the former slapped Adnaan too.

OMG! Shocked?

Well, it was just a part of the fun video that team 07 shot recently. The TikTok video wherein Adnaan is involved in the Bigg Boss game and he starts using slang. Soon, Faisu slaps him. It is one of the hilarious videos.

Take a look…

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