Producer Herumb Khot’s web-series will take you on a joyous ride, which will enrich your thoughts on the history of India.

Producer Herumb Khot’s web-series, History Trippin’ – a quest to discover the ‘real’ history of India

Producer, Film Maker and Ex-Photographer, Herumb Khot will bring to life a very different kind of web-series, which will bring the ‘face’ of ‘True India’ to the masses!!

Titled ‘History Trippin’… the series will be presented by Herumb himself. A biker himself, Herumb has ridden on his bike to various places to throw light on Indian History. He will be seen explaining to people about the various truths of Indian History.

When contacted, Producer Herumb Khot told, “Amidst all the furore on Indian history, this web-series is my attempt to talk about the real history of India. We know history to be something else, but the truth is something else actually. This series is for the younger generation who will not get to see anything from our history in the coming future. This is for the youth who should know about the real history of our country.”

The best part about the web-series is that it is actually a one-man show coming from Herumb Khot. “This has been a solo effort. I have ridden on the bike, done the camera work, shot them myself. I have edited it and have presented it too. In simple words, this is a common man’s quest to discover truth…. the true India.”

The first teaser of the series has gone online on the big day of Maha Shivratri yesterday. The first episode will stream next week. The episodes will be starting with the Maratha history, then go on to Rajasthan, and move down South later. Herumb will be visiting all the forts, the places of birth and death of the various Kings, the battle areas, the techniques used in the battles, the weapons made and even its origin.”

History Trippin’ will stream on YouTube.

As for Herumb, he is part of the banner Invictus T Mediaworks, along with Nilanjana Purkayasstha. The two of them have together produced shows Peshwa Bajirao, and will be associating with 4 Lions Films for the upcoming Star Plus show, Kulfi Kumar Baajewala.

However, this web-series is his personal effort, an effort that will surely trace the biker and his journey as he gets into knowing the real history of India.

Are you looking forward to enriching your minds about the true history of India? Do look forward to the series.

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