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Tata Sky Theatre Channel will come up with a Cineplay which will have Ratan Rajput being part of it.

Ratan Rajput joins Tata Sky’s Cineplay

Ratan Rajput is the latest TV actor to jump on to the digital bandwagon, with her web adaptation of a stage presentation, ‘Panchhi Aise Aate Hain, going live on the Tata Sky Theatre channel, Cineplay.

“This Vijay Tendulkar-written comic script is based on the very common topic about middle class gals who lose their confidence when they get rejected repeatedly by would-be suitors. It deals with how it affects their psyche and how they start developing defence mechanisms, for example, rejecting the guy before he can them turn down, etc. It is also a comic take on the situation of parents who are desperate to get their unattractive daughters married off as soon as possible,” she states.

“Shooting for plays is a different ball game as here you don’t have retakes. In the interest of visual beauty, we shot on different sets as opposed to just one or two settings on stage,” Ratan explains.

“I like web as it offers different subjects which are also treated with maturity. I am open for edgy characters that give me a chance to showcase my skills.”

“That does not mean I will not say yes to TV. I am looking for juicy characters, period. The medium is not that important. I will never demean TV, which has made me who I am.”

Interestingly, Ratan, who was last seen in &TV show, Santoshi Maa, had shot for this play in late 2017, just before her father passed away. “So in a way, it would be a continuation of my career. I had taken a break after dad’s death, as I needed time to sort out my thoughts.”

“But now I am back with a bang and in talks for a numbers of projects. I am confident that something big will give soon.”

Ratan had started off with a bang with Agle Janam Mohe Bitiya Hi Kijo, back in 2009. Her other known shows have included Mahabharata, Bigg Boss, Fanaah, and yes, Ratan Ka Rishta.

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