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The Real Gunjan Saxena Does An About-Turn

In what could prove to be a major embarrassment for the makers of the highly applauded bio-pic Gunjan Saxena The Kargil Girl the real-life Gunjan Saxena has subtly denied being subjected to gender prejudice by her colleagues at the Indian Air Force when she joined as India’s first woman airforce pilot.

In the film the celluloid version of Gunjan Saxena played by Janhvi Kapoor is shown to be subjected to some harsh ostracism and belittling smirks by her male colleagues when she first join.

On August 12, the day the film began streaming , the IAF complained to the Central Board Of Film Certification for what they claim to be the wrong depiction of the working of the IAF.

And now comes the real Gunjan Saxena’s subtle disclaimer, not exactly discrediting the film’s content but labeling the uncomfortable passages showing gender bullying, to be artistic licence.

A source very close to the project says, “She was probably under a lot of pressure to do some amount of damage control, not that they’ve done any damage to her image.On the contrary she couldn’t have hoped for a more glorious screen representation of her story.But nowadays there is an excessive amount of sensitivity on every issue.”

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