Gunjan Saxena criticism for Karan Johar

The  IAF Attack On Gunjan Saxena Biopic Is The Lowest Blow For Karan Johar

It is very strange that the Indian Air Force has taken umbrage to certain episodes in the film Gunjan Saxena The Kargil Girl. While the film was in the making the real Gunjan Saxena who was taken into confidence every step along the way, never expressed any doubts.

“She seemed really happy with the film. The film was made with the noblest of intentions.And the episodes where Gunjan Saxena finds herself isolated because of her gender in her workplace were meant to highlight what it felt like to be the first woman in the airforce,” a source connected to the project tells this writer.

Suddenly after the film was premiered, the rumblings of discontent started.

Producer Karan Johar is a loss as to how he must handle this newest crisis in his lately-beleaguered life,

“Should Karan apologize? Apologize for what? The film was made with the purest of intentions. Karan didn’t go on the sets more than 4-5 times.He trusted the director Sharan Sharma implicitly and Karan is very proud of what Sharan has done.”

A close friend of Karan Johar says the producer thought the negativity surrounding him was over. “But it hounds him in another shape now. There’s no getting away from the brickbats for Karan,” says the friend.

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