recently reported about ALTBalaji’s next web-series, to explore the myths, taboos and complicated relationships of rural India. We had written about Anant Joshi and Neetha Shetty being part of the first story in the series that will have an amalgamation of stories.

We now hear of Rohit Choudhary also playing one of the prime characters in the first story.

Rohit was earlier seen in the role of Vakranas in Chandra Nandni. He was very much appreciated for donning the role of a woman in one of the much-acclaimed stories in Savdhan India.

As per a credible source, “Rohit will play a role that he has never played before. Anant, Neetha and Rohit will be the leads in the first story which will talk about a very interesting subject.”

We have also got to know of this series being titled Gandi Baat – Urban stories from rural India. Also the stories that have been picked up are based out on true rumours.

We buzzed Rohit but could not get through to him.

Gear up for ALTBalaji’s upcoming series which will narrate interesting rural tales based out of true rumours….