Sameer Chand, the Director of the short film TEST DRIVE shares his thoughts on being part of a discussion panel on NDTV.

TEST DRIVE Director Sameer Chand ecstatic on sharing stage with Anupama Chopra on NDTV

Content is still the king, be it feature films or short films. In the digital age, you need to catch the audiences’ attention in seconds or you lose them. It is the ability to focus on telling a story and engaging the audience that has led to the popularity of short films.

Recently, in a special event, a few selected short films were felicitated amongst them was TEST DRIVE, written and directed Sameer Chand. This felicitation was followed by a discussion on the films, which was moderated by Anupama Chopra, the well-known Indian author, journalist, and film critic.

As we know, TEST DRIVE is the story of a struggling theater actor and ace actor Ashutosh Rana has delivered an outstanding portrayal playing the character of Shantanu Srivastava.

Talking about this experience of being part of the event, Director of TEST DRIVE, Sameer Chand told us, “For a debut film maker like me to share the platform with Pankaj Parashar, Anupama Chopra, Tisca Chopra and Dr Palaash was quite humbling. At this event we were discussing short films and my film was one among them and I was very excited to be on the panel sharing my film and my experience. But the most gratifying moment for me was when people started applauding my film. It’s a feeling I can’t describe. The audience and the panel liked my film and were very touched with the dialogues and Ashutosh Ranaji’s performance. Anupama Chopra was such a good moderator as she made all of us feel so comfortable. Over all it was a great experience. Really looking forward to seeing this event on NDTV.”

This special event will be telecasted on NDTV 24X7, on Saturday December 23rdat 7.30 pm

Sameer Chand’s TEST DRIVE short film, released on YouTube recently, with over 2 million views across Face Book & YouTube, in just 6 days and is getting great reviews from all sections.

Kudos for the good work, Team TEST DRIVE!!

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