I am no one to question what audience likes or dislikes – Dilnaz Irani, on overdose of sex in desi web

Dilnaz Irani talks on Twisted 2 and other web properties…

I am no one to question what audience likes or dislikes – Dilnaz Irani, on overdose of sex in desi web

Theater and film artist, Dilnaz Irani, is quite excited about her role in the Vikram Bhatt thrillerweb series, Twisted 2. “Season 1 surpassed my expectations; it had all the ingredients of a whodunit.”

Talking about her cop character, she says, “Arunima was not there in season 1.My character was introduced for the makers wanted a character more powerful. It is always fun to play a strong woman.”

Can we expect some steamy scenes between your and Aryan’s (Rahul Raj) characters, in Twisted 2? “Well, while there is a back story to them, Vikram did not want to dwell on it. Having said that, you never know what might happen in Season 3. Aryan and Arunima are shown as equal-footing friends. The female cop’s character in Season 1 was playing second fiddle to Aryan and there was a need for a character who could call a spade a spade. Hence, my character has been built as a powerful one who could even tackle her friend with time.”

How was the experience of working with Nia Sharma?

“She is a lovely lady and a professional actor. When 2 strong ladies approach a scene, the dynamics change, for then you can really push the envelope. You have to think on your feet to meet what is given to you.”

“Working with Mr Vikram Bhatt was also a superb experience. He is a very good series writer as well. Even if he does not like one line, he will step in offering something better.”

What is your take on web? “It is the new in thing, giving everybody an array of opportunities. Directors can now be creative, without having to beg for money, for films are an expensive proposition,” says Dilnaz, who was a part of Aligarh and Jodha Akbar as well.

This is Dilnaz’s third web series. Prior to this, she had played a character similar to Ekta Kapoor’s, in Nakul Mehta’s I Don’t Watch TV. “Then, interestingly, I went on to do Ekta Kapoor‘s Ragini MMS Returns. It was hard work; we paid a lot of attention to detail. Ekta is very hands-on, and very particular about what she wants.”

Dilnaz had no qualms about the excess of sex shown in Ragini, where she played Kavita, the mother of Ragini (Karishma Sharma),the possessed girl.

“Well, this is what the genre of horror demands, and I am no one to question what sells.”

Looking ahead, this good-looking lady is game for doing bold characters. “As an actor, I have no inhibitions. But yes, we all need to be on the same page about the requirements of such scenes.”

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