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A man who teaches us the use of social media for the betterment of people, Gourav Mittal Padla

Social media is a gray area, at our expense, we can use it to for bad or to help other people. One such individual is Gourav, who believes in the power of the internet and uses it to benefit society.

Born and raised in Haryana, Gourav is a social worker and a motivational speaker who uses the availability of social platforms to aids those in need of help.

It can be anything, from being able to help someone increase their standards of living or attain their dream job or to simply motivate people to be more positive and grow to their full potential. Gourav Mittal is one of those few selfless men who put others over himself.

He believes that there is no better job than being able to help someone to be or do better in life. And with the power of social media, he tries to reach out to as many people as he can.

Further talking about his beliefs, Gourav shares, “I believe that video content is highly immersive and its the most consumed content. There are a lot of people who make fitness-related videos, gaming videos and other things but there are very few people who create motivational videos. It’s a niche that, in time, gains more traction.”

Gourav continues, “The current global pandemic has made it impossible for people to get out of the house and my job requires me to be on ground a lot for my talks but since that isn’t possible, I had to improvise and get creative to continue my work and in that avenue, social media has helped me a lot.”

Due to his credible work, Gourav Mittal Padla has garnered a massive following on social platforms and has become a name to be remembered.

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