Director of ALTBalaji’s upcoming series Mission Over Mars, Vinay Waikul gets into an exclusive conversation with

Mission Over Mars will be ALTBalaji’s tribute to the scientists involved in this mission: Director Vinay Waikul

After rendering a phenomenal success in his last directorial venture for ALTBalaji’s The Test Case, Director Vinay Waikul is now all set to captain the ship of the interesting and very relatable series Mission Over Mars.

Mission Over Mars as we know, is the intriguing story of four brilliant women scientists who chart the journey of ISA (Indian Space Agency) Mission On Mars right from its inception stage to the execution phase.

M.O.M. has a great ensemble cast that includes Sakshi Tanwar, Mona Singh, Nidhi Singh and Palomi Ghosh along with a brigade of exceptional actors.

In an exclusive conversation with, Director Vinay Waikul talked to us about the challenges and extensive research work undergone by the team, to his vision as Director and what viewers can expect from this remarkable concept.

Says Vinay, “The thought behind M.O.M. is that it is based on the mission handled by ISA. The scientists who worked on this project are so unassuming personalities, that there is a lot to learn from them. Their dedication towards work and the manner in which they being from normal middle class families, balanced it out between their personal and professional lives is truly inspirational. The standing point here is to uphold their efforts.”

Talking about the extensive research process involved for the series, Vinay states, “There was a long-drawn research process involved. We had to go through all the written content, reports available on the mission. We met people who were associated with this mission and also the ones who closely followed this mission. We got a lot of insight stories during our fascinating research process.”

Vinay Waikul tells us that the priority of the series M.O.M is to tell the viewers about focusing on set goals and believing in the fact that they can achieve what they aspire for.

On the casting process, Vinay avers, “Ekta and the team at ALTBalaji had a vision in mind with respect to the series. So they have few actors too in mind for the roles here. We are glad that we have got a strong cast in Sakshi, Mona, Nidhi, Palomi, Ashish Vidyarthi etc. We could not think of any other actor than Sakshi and Mona for these roles. They are such great performers, and also have a strong connect with viewers.”

As the Director, the utmost priority of Vinay will be, “Our main goal will be to bring out the honesty of these scientist characters as much as possible on screen. We hope we do justice to the content. This will be our tribute to all the scientists involved in this mission.”

Lastly, on what viewers can expect from M.O.M., Vinay states, “Viewers can expect an entertaining and inspirational story coming from ALTBalaji. In our case, we will balance it out with the content and drama, just like we did in the case of The Test Case.”

Best of luck, team M.O.M.


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