Look at the most embarrassing Kim Kardashian outfits that she wore on occasion

Best to most embarrassing Kim Kardashian's outfits that she wore to events

One of the modern century’s greatest fashion queens is Kim Kardashian. Like most fashion experts, she does, however, occasionally really nail the look, and other times, she leaves followers wondering where her brain was at when she got dressed that morning. Her greatest and worst costumes are both fascinating to observe.

Whatever the general public may think about the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star’s sense of style, she takes both her event attire and her street style very seriously. Even if it’s a cozy pair of sweats and a pair of Yeezy shoes, Kim rarely leaves the house without full makeup and a stylish outfit.

The founder of Skims is known for dressing extravagantly for events like parties, award ceremonies, and galas. The middle Kardashian sister talked about the lavish 40th birthday party theme and the clothing that a legendary designer created just for her. Kim said to Grazia in October 2020, “I had the perfect strategy.” The event was set to be titled “Wild, Wild Miss West’s 40th Birthday.” “I ordered a metal costume from Manfred Thierry Mugler, similar to a cowgirl costume.”

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, the seasoned reality star was forced to cancel her original plans for the birthday party, and her outfit went along with it. She does want to reveal the outfit on a subsequent occasion, though. The actress praised the custom look, calling it “crazy.” “We conducted online fittings. Even throwing a party for just myself with five people would be a waste of money. It needs to be something, I think. So maybe next year, I suppose. On my forty-first birthday, I’m allowed to have it. I suppose we can still refer to it as my 40th?

Check out the images of Kim’s finest and worst costumes below

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