Blackpink Rose is one of the scintillating and charming South Korean singers. She is a pivotal part of YG entertainment and has gotten love and adoration from across the world. From fashion to makeup looks she has always revelled us with grace and beauty. And today we are up with off duty makeup look down beneath, check them out!


View Instagram Post 1: Blackpink Rosé's Off Duty Makeup Look

She is and will always be the queen, no matter what. Her glowing skin and expressive eyes say it all. We are loving this at home, simple looks in here. The blonde perfect ponytail looks grand on her, and the beautiful blue dress looks perfect, and so does her pink plump lips!


View Instagram Post 2: Blackpink Rosé's Off Duty Makeup Look

This sunkissed, gorgeous Yacht look straight away the best. The white two-piece outfit seems perfect for a beach look. This is one of the gorgeous updos of Rose, off duty! She is aptly slaying this Vacay look! What do you think?