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Check to see who has gotten the best fashion quotient, Faisu or Awez Darbar

Faisu vs Awez Darbar: Who Slays The Best Fashion Quotient?

When it comes to fashion 2020, some of these names, Faisu, Awez Darbar and others crop up. Risen from TikTok, but are now acknowledged for their content and talent by the whole world. From fashion to others, these guys have wowed us to the fullest. Especially Mr Faisu and Awez Darbar, both are known for their grand unique fashion choices, and cool impressions in it. And today, we at IWMBuzz are up with some of their, fashion looks, and know of your views, that whom you think has gotten the best fashion quotient!

1. Mr Faisu

Faisu is looking absolutely wondrous in this picture, with that ever-lasting smile on his face, he is looking irresistibly cute and adorable. The white t-shirt and blue denim are going apt and that hat, adding extra X factor to it! A complete crush!


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Faisu is the king when it comes to casual fashion game! And this picture is proof! He is slaying it like crazy in this outfit. With the funky track pants and the cool jacket, he is looking absolutely hot! What do you think?

2. Awez Darbar

Woohoo! Look at that! Awez Darbar killing it like always. Carrying the colours with style and perfect pose. We can’t help but go gaga over this one! A perfect picture, a perfect pose, a perfect day out, a perfect outfit. It seems like everything was busy making each other ornamented!

The dancer has got his style! And Awez proves it every time with his unique fashion choices and style. And this picture is just another proof to it! We are crazily in love with an ever-talented boy! And he is worth it! What do you think?

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