Faisu has achieved the peak of his life, let's check how he gets with his fans

Faisu’s BIGGEST Fan Moments

Faisu aka Faisal Sheikh is a TikTok star, fashion blogger and a model and has around 20million followers on TikTok and 10.5million on Instagram. His increasing admirers are hitting the peak already!

Faisal is vigorously active on social media and his constant urge to connect to his fans has made him so popular. He is humble and extremely grounded when it comes to his fans. His fans love him, his generosity and unambiguous attributes are highly appreciated by his fans and admirers. That’s what a renowned soul is made up of, no hi-fi or ostentatious behaviour yet immensely talented!

In Faisu’s hard times, when his TikTok account got blocked, it was worth to watch how his fans revolted and took a stand for him. There were numerous videos all over TikTok, where his fans were expressing their views on the decision and how they disheartened to see that Faisu isn’t there anymore on TikTok. The kind of devotion they had for the young artist, was commendable. It shows how intensely their love and respect has emerged for Faisu.

Here are some of the best Fan moments of Faisu, check and let us know if those brought out your array of emotions.

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