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Let's find out the secret behind Bhuvan Bam's popularity

Reasons behind Bhuvan Bam’s massive popularity

Virtual superstardom has been the utmost craving in today’s world, starting from YouTube to Tiktok, the world is spinning around.

“Bhuvan Bam”, the YouTube sensation, who introduced the concept of ” Youtuber” to India, is loved by his fans.
Bhuvan began his journey as a Mughlai restaurant singer and today he is India’s first YouTube superstar, who gained 12million followers on Youtube in just four years.

The fact, that his gradual rise and massive popularity is legitimate as his content is diversified. His dynamic integrity of furnishing himself in different incarnations is appreciated by many, unlike other YouTubers.
Bhuvan’s determination, usage of colloquial language and natural Delhi accent took him on the verge.
Bhuvan’s no-nonsense attributes and his portrayals of lighthearted humour and mockery of the problems that young minds face in today’s era are quite relatable, which acquired fame amongst the youngsters.

Bhuvan Bam, the star proclaims, “I want to be the Dharma Productions of Youtube, also I want to develop the BB universe, complete with origin stories of all the characters like Marvel comics and DC comics”
We wish him more success and luck.

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