Read how gaming has gained more importance than YouTube in last few years.

The gaming world is evolving, and with evolution, new gamers. As a result, the gaming industry has gained 500 million new competitors in the past few years. And now, gaming has become of global value as gaming has exceeded €250 billion. And as per the new report, it is true to say that the gaming industry is booming.

Due to Pandemic COVID-19 for the last two years, people have indulged in gaming more than ever before. As people used to stay at home and pass the day, they found gaming to be the solution. Gaming became the way to keep ourselves engaged. As a result, there was huge demand during the initial lockdown days between Feb and April 2020.

The award-winning Games Designer and producer Paul Hurrell. In an interview, he said, “At the minute, it’s quite an exciting time for us because understandably, over the last eighteen months or so, people have found they’ve got a lot more time on their hands, a lot more time at home. So being a company that makes mobile games, people are spending more time on mobiles, so we’ve seen demand increase, which has been great.”

Whereas YouTube also had been used a lot, gaming was preferred more in comparison. This is because, on YouTube, you might just watch the content, whereas gaming will indulge you in an activity that would charge you up.

And in the coming years, it is expected to gain more popularity as the industry is booming unstoppable.

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source: Euronews

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