Amazon miniTV, Amazon’s free video streaming service, today announced its upcoming series Sisterhood, a captivating drama set in the century-old all-girls convent school, S.I.S.T.R.S., by unveiling its enthralling trailer. Showcasing a tantalising glimpse into the emotional and engaging world of Sisterhood, the trailer is filled with heartfelt moments and relatable experiences. The series delves into the lives of students at an all-girls convent school, chronicling their journey from childhood through adolescence; and their transition to becoming young women. Featuring a stellar cast, including Anvesha Vij, Nitya Mathur, Nidhi Bhanushali, and Bhagyashree Limaye, Sisterhood will stream exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free from 13th June.

The riveting trailer gives a sneak peek into the renowned institution of S.I.S.T.R.S., a school rich in history and tradition that has been home to generations of young girls. Following the journey of four friends – Zoya, Nikita, Ann and Gargee, the series highlights the strength of their bonds and their unwavering support for one another. As these girls navigate the complexities of school life, the narrative vividly portrays that a school is not merely built from bricks and mortar but is shaped by the countless emotions and experiences of its students. Embarking on a journey of friendship, self-discovery, and adventures, these girls traverse a spectrum of emotions and experiences, from joy, betrayal, and infatuation to competition, quarrels, and misunderstandings.

Amogh Dusad, Head of Content, Amazon miniTV, shared, “We are delighted to present Sisterhood on Amazon miniTV as we continue to deliver on our commitment of offering diverse and relatable content to audiences across the country. This series beautifully captures the complexities of adolescent life set against the backdrop of an all-girls convent school. We take pride in presenting a series that celebrates the power of friendship, explores the nuances of growing up, and delves into the unique experiences that shape us.”

“Sisterhood exemplifies our commitment to producing content that deeply resonates with our viewers. The series authentically portrays the intricacies of female friendships and the path to self-discovery. We’ve always strived to create content that explores the multifaceted nature of human relationships and experiences. Through our partnership with Amazon miniTV, we are excited to share this compelling story with the audience, inviting them to embark on a soulful journey into the lives of the young women of S.I.S.T.R.S.,” shared Shreyansh Pandey, Head, TVF Originals and Executive Producer on Sisterhood.

Reflecting on portraying the character of Gargee in the series, Nidhi Bhanushali expressed, “Bringing Gargee to life in Sisterhood has been a fulfilling experience. Her journey is one of self-discovery and resilience as she grapples with the complexities of a new environment and carving out her identity. Coming from a different background than her peers, she brings a unique perspective to S.I.S.T.R.S., challenging traditional norms. Portraying Gargee has been both challenging and rewarding, and I can’t wait for audiences across India to join her on this emotional rollercoaster only on Amazon miniTV.”

Step into the hallowed halls of S.I.S.T.R.S. and experience the enduring power of friendship with Sisterhood, streaming exclusively on Amazon miniTV for free from 13th June within Amazon’s shopping app, on Prime Video, Fire TV, Smart TVs, or download the app from Play Store.

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