Kameenkhori crosses 4.5 million views!

Bhavna Vyas and Rajan Shahi’s Kameenkhori crosses 4.5 million views!

It’s time to celebrate for producer Rajan Shahi as well as his team at First Kut Productions as their digital show Kameenkhori has crossed 4.5 million views. What’s more? Well, this has happened in less than four months! The show airs on YouTube on the First Kut Productions channel. The show has been written and created by Bhavna Vyas, who couldn’t be happier celebrating this milestone.

“I am extremely happy. In today’s times, it’s very difficult to make a place in the overcrowded web market. Also, Kameenkhori is a family comedy but with a bold plot, and this is what worked for us. It was a tough one but I am really happy that people are loving the show and things are going well,” says an elated Bhavna, who has been associated with Rajan Shahi’s production house, Director’s Kut Productions, and his shows since 2011. She has written more than 2500 screenplays for his cult show Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlalta Hai and is still writing for the show. She also created Guddu Beds Guddun, another product by First Kut Productions in 2017.
“In my career of 15 years, the maximum work that I have done has been with Rajan ji… Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, Baavle Utaavle, Guddu Beds Guddun, Kameenkhori and now, another show Anupamaa. Rajan ji is someone who never clips my wings and always encourages me to do new things, to experiment and explore new genres. For the longest time, people in the industry didn’t offer me shows because they believed that I can only write slice-of-life shows like Yeh Rishta… But Rajan ji never said that. He has offered me every show of DKP with utmost faith. I am and always be grateful,” she says.

Kameenkhori is a show which is unique, says Bhavna. “I am not an expert on what works and what doesn’t. But I feel, Kameenkhori is a perfect mix of a family comedy, a story about social women issues and also has a refreshing small-town flavor,” she says. The main pillars of both Director’s Kut Productions as well as its web arm, First Kut Productions, are ecstatic at this victory. These include business head, Ranjeet Agarwal, line producer Aarif Shaikh, creative producer Vivek Jain, director Rishi Mandial and DOP Gulshan Shah.

Bhavna is already working on season 2 of the show. “I wrote the story of season 2 with season 1 itself. I just have to finish the dialogues. Hopefully, soon it will be on air!” she says.

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