The actress plays the role of a chef in this 22 minute feature film.

Esha Deol Takhtani unveils her Bengali bride look from Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s film Cakewalk
Bollywood actress Esha Deol Takhtani who marks her comeback in Ram Kamal Mukherjee’s film Cakewalk, recently unveiled her Bengali bride look in Kolkata at Slyfox Gastro Pub. The actress plays the role of a chef in this 22 minute feature film, said “It took almost three hours for me to get the look right. Thanks to my director Ram Kamal who was very particular about every details.” Esha plays the role of a Bengali bride for the first time. She has been styled by Kareen Punjwani for this look. The heavy gold embroidered Benarasi saree was sourced out by Kareen for just one shot in the film. The poster has been designed by Ekta Bhattacharya from Kolkata.
Director Ram Kamal Mukherjee who also penned the story and screenplay of the movie says,  “I always wanted to tell a story, but never thought of directing one. The entire credit goes to Esha for literally pushing me to the edge and challenge myself. The film is like a child, Abhra and I play the role of  parents. It’s made with honesty and I am sure people will like it.” “The poster tells a lot about the film. I wanted a dichotomy, that would create that characteristic rift. Esha is a gifted actor, and she is natural. That’s what makes her look so convincing as Shilpa Sen.” Co Director Abhra Chakraborty explained the reason behind collaboration with Ram Kamal for Cakewalk. “Producer Aritra Das approached me and discussed about the film. Later I met Ram Kamal da, and discussed the story. I think film making is a team work, and we worked as a team. Cakewalk is an extremely relatable story. Anyone can relate.”
“My association with Ram Kamal goes long way. I think Cakewalk happened organically. I wanted to do something meaningful  post motherhood. Ram Kamal and Abhra shot the film like a feature film and because it’s a short film I could balance my motherly duties and professional commitment easily. It’s got a lovely messege and yet it doesn’t trend to be overtly preachy. If you want to know the more about the bridal scene then you will have to wait and watch the film” says Esha. The “shanka” and “pola” (red and white bangles) that a bride wears as auspicious sign of a married woman was specially ordered from Kalighat temple in Kolkata. The gold jewerlly were specially designed by Shyam Sunder Jwellers from Kolkata to give Esha an ethnic look.
“Ram Kamal made me do almost the rituals for the shoot, and we were joking that I am forever stuck in a wedding ritual. As before Radhya was born we have a Sindhi ritual were the bride and groom takes “pheras” again. And again I am in this bridal outfit for Cakewalk, and now in Ramayan ballet also I do Sita’s swayamvar scene,” says Esha jokingly.
Lead actor Tarun Malhotra said, “I have worked with Pradeep Sarkar dada in commercials and I know Ram Kamal sir since his journalism days. When he approached me for Cakewalk I was slightly taken aback because by then I had already read in news that he is making a film with Esha Deol. I had butterflies in my stomach.”
Shailendra Kumar, producer and music director said “I am married to a Bengali and being a musician I am deeply inspired by Pancham da, Kishore da and Kumar Sanu da. When Ram Kamal approached me with the script, I was sure that this is the film which I would like to be associated.” Producer Aritra Das from Assorted Motion Pictures said, “It was always a dream to make good content. We started off as a social media company and graduated to a film production house. I realised that there is a lot of scope for newer content. But this film reached a certain height because of Esha Deol and Ram Kamal’s involvement.”
Karan Chhawchharia, one of the partners of Slyfox Gastro Club says, “We are thrilled to host the poster launch of Cakewalk with Esha, Ram da and Tarun and the entire team of Assorted Motion Pictures at Sly Fox Gastro Club.”
The film is co directed by Abhra Chakraborty and produced by Dinesh Gupta, Shailendra Kumar and Aritra Das under the banner of Assorted Motion Pictures and SS1 Entertainment. The film also marks Bollywood debut of television actor Tarun Malhotra and Anindita Chatterjee. “We have shot extensively in Kolkata and I could feel the vibes of this city. I have visited the famous Dakhineshwar Temple, this time Ram Kamal promised me Kalighat darshan, let’s hope we can make it to the temple,” added Esha. The essence of Kolkata has been beautifully captured by cinematographer Pravatendu Mondol.
Incidentally the teaser poster of Cakewalk was launched by dream girl Hema Malini in London few weeks ago, and now with the Kolkata poster launch, the official promotion of Cakewalk starts with much aplomb. The film is slated for October release.

A poster launch, the official promotion of Cakewalk starts with much aplomb. The film is slated for October release.

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