Amazon miniTV – Amazon’s free video streaming service today dropped the trailer of their upcoming horror short film – The Haunting. It features Erica Fernandez, Prakruti Mishra and Gul Panag in never-seen-before roles and is directed by Tanveer Bookwala. The short film from Ding Infinity, is based on real-life incidents and will leave you in a cold sweat as you watch the journey of a girl who has been haunted by a ghost ever since her sister passed away.

The trailer opens with a scene where a girl is trying to convince the police and a psychiatrist that her best friend and roommate was killed by a demon. The trailer intensifies as she describes the different paranormal activities that have happened to her in the last one year while the police continue to dismiss what she says. It will give you the heebie-jeebies even if you whistle in the dark!

Girish Prabhu, Head of Amazon Advertising sharing his thoughts about the show said, “Amazon miniTV has always been at the forefront of keeping its audiences hooked with stories rooted within far and wide corners of the nation. The Haunting is another such story that we are glad to present to our audiences, which they will be able to resonate with. Watch out for The Haunting as you will witness a gripping narrative bought to life with brilliant performances by the cast and crew.”

“I am always fascinated by the mental struggles that people and characters go through. People descending into madness, both supernaturally and metaphorically, make for fascinating narratives and is a favorite theme of mine. The Haunting, inspired from true life is the kind of visceral supernatural sucker punch, that will make you clench your teeth and goose your bumps. I could not have asked for a better platform than Amazon miniTV for this story, owing to the vast network and audience base that the service has and its incredible creative teams, that empower creators.”, said Tanveer, Writer, Producer and Director for The Haunting.

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